FROM THIS.........

TO THIS!!!!!


Well it has been quite a while since I have posted on my Ranching Adventures blog!!!!!  Where does the time really go?  Life has taken a “DRAMATIC” turn for the Rickertsen Ranch to say the least and it all started about 7 or 8 months ago while sitting in the comforts of our little chairs watching the hills across the road for deer, cows and other critters.  The Boss Man casually said......”Hey what do you think about moving to Belize???” I of course looked at him sideways and replied “SURE why not” More joking than serious when all of a sudden I realized that my “CRAZY MAN WAS SERIOUS!!!!!”  And with that the deep discussions began on the Pro and Cons of maybe moving lock stock and barrel to another country.  Now I really need to add in at this time my life time promises I made years ago when I said those famous words “I DO” First is I promise to “FOLLOW MY MAN TO THE MOON” and second is that “IF GOD EVER SAID LEAVE “ALL” AND FOLLOW ME” could or would I be willing to do it?  All of a sudden those two promises became a very real thing in my life and I spent several days searching my very soul to see if I was actually willing to do just that!!!!!  Come to find out the answer was “YES” yes to follow my husband where ever he may lead and trust that he will indeed take care of me.  Yes to being able to rid myself of every priceless possession I have and go where I believe God may also be leading us. ☺ YES, YES, YES....and so the new adventure starts to form and I started going through my home really taking a look at what treasures I have some being as old as I am. 
Our plan was to move to Belize with just a few clothes and our two beloved cow dogs Bingo and Dottie.  Everything else was to be either given away or sold.  We decided we would keep our cow herd (just still need to be ranchers ☺) and our three horses putting them in the precious care of our beloved hired man Ty and his wife Malloree and of course their two kids Dallee and Gus.  The plan was to come home for branding's and roundups at certain times of the year.  The decision to move was simple... being in our sixes or 60’s we have come to the conclusion that we may be getting just a little “slower” in tagging those babies, crawling on those horses everyday, and going out in the oh so cold weather during calving season leading us to the plan on we need to move far enough that we won’t be “tempted” to HELP LOL. 
We flew to Belize in December and really fell in love with the country but soon figured out that it was NOT the place for us.  It was going to be too hard to bring the dogs back and forth and life was just not going to be as simple as we thought and “SIMPLE” is what we are looking for right now.  So we headed home and made plans for another direction (much to the pleasure of our kids, their wives and grands who of course supported our crazy ideas but wasn’t very happy about living so far away).  The directions we picked was TEXAS!!! Yep that’s right the very tip Corpus Christi Tx and even more we focused on Padre Island right on the Gulf of Mexico.  In January we made the trip to look around and find a house that we could made home.  We just fell in LOVE with the area and it wasn’t long that God lead us to the most “PERFECT” place on the Island about a mile and half from the Gulf beaches and an added bonus right there a place called “RIDE ON THE BEACH” yes that’s right HORSES!!!!!!  The area is very laid back and we didn’t meet a stranger everyone was so nice and we knew we had found that perfect spot!!!!!! We put an offer in on a new house and got it so with that we headed back to NE to finish our packing and prepare for the big move!!!!! 
I have to say I have LOVED our little ranch, the building of it and the life we have been living.  I have a long list of things that I will MISS TERRIBLY but know it will all be fine.  The momma’s during calving season watching them having babies,  talking to them as they munch on their little pieces of cake over the fence, watching the horses come running in from the pasture when I whistle them in,  the kitty’s, and of course my beloved “PUP”.  The couple that bought our ranch are a wonderful young couple that I pray will be as blessed as we have been and were willing to take Pup and the Cats so that they could continue living where they always have.  WHAT A HUGE BLESSING!!!!!  With those very important things taken care of we proceeded to experience those “LAST” things at the ranch.  The “last” Thanksgiving dinner,  the “last” Christmas celebration,  the “last” time the momma’s were here, the “last” time the horses came running in,  there are too many “LASTS” to put down but I think you get the picture.....THE LAST TIME!!!!!! I experienced so many mixed emotions in the last 6 months the last branding, the last roundup, the last horse ride in the pasture, the last time of sitting on the back steps petting Pup and the Kitty’s.  Some brought a few tears yet another part of me was getting very excited for yet at least ONE MORE BIG ADVENTURE IN LIFE!!!!!  As I watched one by one the things I have cherished leave such as first the cows then the horses and on and on I started to “let go” of those loved things and started looking forward to a “new” life on the beach.  With the PROMISE from Malloree that LOTS AND LOTS of photos would be sent of the cows calving, horses being worked I started to prepare to leave this wonderful place that God blessed us with 7 years ago.  Armed with “ALL” my photos and videos of the past the final preps were being made.  Now even though we did decide to live in the states our plan of getting rid of everything stayed and at Christmas I had the most incredible time lovingly wrapping up all my worldly treasures and presenting them to family!!!! The boss man was sooooo impressed that for the very first time I did not spend a dime on Christmas presents.  It was an interesting experience getting rid of all the worldly possessions I highly recommend it for everyone.  As I said good-bye to each and every wonderful item so chucked full of loving memories I came to realize that in life it is our MEMORIES in our hearts that are important and they will never leave. 
As we started to count down the days to the move date and things at the ranch wound down there came a time when I finally “turned the page” so to speak and let go of the beloved ranch saying good-bye to everything including pup and the kitty’s (which I must say I still MISS BADLY) and was ready to move.  Unfortuantly just days before we made the actual move I got influenza A flu and oh my goodness I have never been so sick in my life.  After a trip to the doctor and armed with a bunch of meds, nebulizer and anything else I could think of to feel better I slept for two days before the move and on the final day Alan poured me into the Jeep with the dogs and off we took.  Needless to say the trip to Texas I have not got much memory of but just saying lots of times “Please Lord help us get there safe” God is sooooo good and we did two days later arrive at our destination and I slept where ever I could lay my head!!!! Motel room, floor in the new house just ANYWHERE and praying THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!   Finally after a week here and two weeks sick feeling better and nesting into our “NEW” adventure.  Our beloved cow dogs are adjusting to being beach bums and actually “playing” which I must say neither have ever done LOL it’s always been work or off duty till the next time to work cattle.  I do miss the momma’s but Malloree “BLESS HER HEART” has been FAITHFUL to send me lots of photos of the calving already and our horses learning a new thing or two which is truly amazing.  Zipper has been bonding with his new “little girl friend” Dallee and I think they are just too cute together.
Sooooo with all of this said I say a little tearful GOOD-BYE to my beloved ranch but NOT GOOD-BYE to the ranching adventure so.....look for still more photos and stories about cows, babies and horses as we come home for visits and to help where we can even if just to say hi to the momma’s meet the new babies and share that little piece of cake across the fence.  Maybe take a ride or two and check the pastures and cows. the ranching adventures I will be adding the “BEACH ADVENTURES” as we enbark here on new things such as trips to the beach daily.  There is a horse place just a mile from us that is called “RIDE ON THE BEACH” and I am definitely heading there to see if I can make a deal to work a little for riding time to keeps these cow dogs turned up...and I am REALLY EXCITED about becoming a Sea Turtle wrangler!!!!  Started the process of getting to be a volunteer and it looks fun for sure!!!!!!

So friends that have followed this journey with me from the beginning I hope you will continue with me as I not only try to keep you up on our “RANCHING ADVENTURES FROM A DISTANCE” but also our “BEACH ADVENTURES” too.

One last thing I was to stress............