JAN 12,2011

Here it is the beginning of "1016" I can hardly believe that we will be starting our "7th" year out here on the Ranch and it will be our "6th" calving season!!!! Were does the time all go??  As I have been reflecting on the past seven years I am amazed at how far Alan and I have come from that first cold winters day that I got the call....."WE'RE CALVING....GET SOME BLANKETS.....WE HAVE A BABY!!!" (and a very unexpected baby it was indeed) to the beautiful place we built from rubble.  Knowing "NOTHING" we muddled through that first unbelievable year chalked full of "EDUCATION" in the cattle business.  I must say I was hooked from the start seeing that first little one so cold and shivering on our back porch.
A long way indeed as we enter into our 6th season of calving it seems impossible to think of all we have experienced.  Learning how to tell when momma is going to calve, pulling a calf, herding the cattle from point "A" to point "B", branding calves, preg checking the momma's, pairing out the cows and calves, how to work with bulls ,adding cow dogs and learning how to train them for working cattle, getting those perfect ranch horses, I could go on and on and on!!!!!!  We have certainly experienced the greatest joys at which we celebrated our success and the most heartbreaking losses of our critter friends that we had grown so close to.  The friends we have made in this business are just the very best people I have ever meant and more than anything else watching my wonderful husband fussing patiently over a new baby calf!!!! It has been quite a ride so far and I am so looking forward to the new things we will be learning in "2016" so be sure to follow along on our.......